Draw Something screencaps featuring Misha Collins and/or Castiel and assorted members of the SPN cast. and maybe a lot of Jensen Ackles.
Click on the "draws" link or the "draw cas" tag to see them all at once, "draw misha" for the ones based on photos of misha collins appearing even more outrageous in his daily life than he does playing a mystical supernatural creature on tv. The brain poops link will take you to things i made that aren't Draw Somethings bc i do as i'm told.

I play as skaloo. i welcome all players; let me know if you'd like to play the draw spn version. fair warning: i return spn draws really s-l-o-w-l-y (srsly, i suck to play against unless you want to play the anything goes version) bc i've drawn a couple hundred of these and me no brain too good with new ideas for the same old words anymore.

i also post pictures of perfect, gorgeous jensen ackles in shots where i catch him looking like the civilization-conquering robot i suspect he is.

also posting whatever shiny objects catch my eye, like my header, which is not a screencap but is instead what i like to think of as misha collins's public persona summarized in gif format: drunk, happy to see everyone, and moving by in a magical, excited blur.
omg what a gasbag. shut up, nobody is reading all this shit.

a few more points: i don't tag for spoilers. i don't get the new episodes until 3 hours after it first airs, which is plenty of time for most ppl who don't live in EST to download the episode and watch it before i can. i don't make stuff out of screencaps or promo pictures usually until days after it's been released, so. and to the assbutt who stole my url while i had on a holiday name: you suck.
~ Tuesday, November 19 ~

soooo… you’re saying only the badasses on asgard are hot.

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    I was like thinking that dude looked so familiar, but I couldn’t place it. You just totally blew my mind, lol
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    It threw me to see Zachrey Levi instead of Josh. Chuck Bartowski, you look better with dark hair.
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